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This Cube lamp measures approximately 4 inches. It has images from the Dragon Age games laser cut then painted black. The images include:


  • The Grey Wardens
  • The Inquisition
  • Templar Order
  • Circle of Magi
  • The Chantry


It is battery powered and is rechargeable with the included USB cable. It also comes with a remote control. It can be set to 16 different colors or set to various strobe modes. This is a great gift for the Dragon Age fans. An AC-USB power adapter can be added to the order for $5 if needed. Just select the "With AC-USB adapter" option. These are fragile and not intended to played with by children. These are intended to be used for desk or home decor. ❤️Have a great day!!!❤️

Dragon Age Lamp Cube (multi-color remote control)

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